Low immunity in the spring - causes and treatment

Low immunity in the spring - causes and treatment

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We want to enjoy spring, sun, walks, family and friends. For this we must, first and foremost, take care of our immunity and our loved ones!

Health is essential for the body because it provides us with wellbeing and protection against infectious agents. Without it, we would be completely devoid of defense and energy. A low immune system means an extremely vulnerable organism, and from minor illnesses to serious health problems is only one step.

Low immunity

Repeated infections, viral or bacterial, pharyngitis, pneumonia, infections of the skin or genitals are clear symptoms of low immunity. In this case, it is recommended to visit a specialist doctor, but also to perform an immunogram, a test that detects the amount of antibodies (immunoglobulins) in the blood.

What are the factors that decrease immunity?

Immunity varies throughout life, is influenced by factors such as stress, food quality, certain medications, sedentary lifestyle or seasons (spring and autumn). Low immunity can also be caused by diseases such as nutritional deficiency, HIV, cancer or gastric acidity.
Immunity is especially sensitive in the case of pregnant women, new mothers, babies and overweight adults.

Immunity in pregnancy

During pregnancy, the body's immunity is lower because the defense must be less "aggressive" in order not to reject the small being hosted by the mother. Thus, colds or flu during pregnancy it usually lasts three times longer than usual.
An eventual flu contact during pregnancy causes more serious complications. Viral pneumonia, one of these complications, often results - unfortunately - with spontaneous abortion, premature premature birth, fetal death in utero or neonatal death.

What do we do to increase immunity to pregnancy?

Pregnancy is very important prevention based on a balanced diet, rest, stress avoidance, constant movement (adapted to pregnancy) and vaccination against viruses (homeopathic alternatives are very good choices). The diet is mainly based on fresh fruits and vegetables, and in the cold season they are also very useful vitamin supplements, taken with the consent of the specialist doctor.

Immunity of children

Since birth, in order to maintain its health, the baby's body seeks to establish a balance with the extrauterine environment. In this process, breastfeeding is very important.

Colostrum, the first milk produced by the mammary gland in the latter part of pregnancy and in the first days after birth, has numerous digestive and immunization properties. From the age of six months, however, the antibodies he received from his mother are "exhausted", and the baby is on his own, he must start making his own. But the production of antibodies reaches a level that allows good protection only after the age of two years.

What do we do to increase children's immunity?

Breastfeeding is very important for the beginning of the child's health, for his immunity. Between six months and two years, the child is quite vulnerable, and his immunity must be naturally increased.

Immuno Baby is one of the products that helps children to be more resistant to infection and to adapt more quickly to the variations of the environment.. This is an immunostimulatory dietary supplement, intended for children from the first month of life. Immuno Baby increases immunity, protects against seasonal conditions (viruses, influenza) and supports the recovery of the body during convalescent periods.
The plants used in the composition of the syrup are obtained under the regime of organic agriculture. Echinacea and uncaria tomentosa, present in the composition, gives it immunostimulatory properties, and Rosehip it has important anti-inflammatory and anti-infectious properties. In addition, Immuno Baby also has an increased vitamin C content.
The product can be used as an adjuvant or preventive role in the case of illnesses in the cold season (colds, flu, repeated illnesses of the respiratory tract), also contributing to the speed of healing and shortening the convalescent period (if the disease has already started).
As with pregnancy, nutrition and rest are very important. Five servings of fruit and vegetables per day should be missing from the children's menu (one serving means two teaspoons for babies and one cup for older children). Just as important is sleep, which helps to develop the body's natural defense cells.

An alternative for increasing the immunity of children, a valid alternative for pregnant women and adults, is the homeopathic treatment, administered after a personalized consultation with a specialist homeopathic doctor.

Adult immunity

In the case of the active adult, intellectual overwork and stress are the main factors underlying the body's defense system. Proper nutrition and avoidance of animal fat abuse, constant hydration and movement, sleep, relaxation and positive thinking, along with specific dietary supplements can certainly make the difference.

What do we do to increase our immunity?

Immunity can also be sustained with the help of herbal supplements based on immunostimulatory herbs such as echinacea, aloe vera, propolis, chain, spirulina etc. Of all, the most well-known are echinacea and propolis, which are found in ImmunoMix, an association between Propol Pure (natural Propolis extract with high flavonoid concentration) and Echina2-LMF (multifractionated lyophilized extract from Echinacea pallida root).

ImmunoMix provides functional substances that help strengthen the body's immune system. echinacea, administered in the form of tincture, capsules or tea, helps the body to produce several white blood cells and interferons (one of the most powerful natural anti-infectious substances), and propolis - by its biochemical composition - it has special properties, both prophylactic and curative (it is one of the most powerful natural anti-infectious substances, being active against 21 bacteria, 9 parasitic fungi species and 30 types of viruses).
Vitamin A and Vitamin C are also very important for ensuring increased immunity. Vitamin A helps the synthesis of antibodies, thus reducing the risk of disease or their duration, and vitamin C plays an anti-infectious, invigorating role and participates in the detoxification of the body.

The muscular effort, the cold and the fever increase the consumption and the need of vitamin C that we find in vegetables and in fresh fruits (kiwi, oranges, lemon, grapefruit, mandarins, apples, pears, broccoli, chilli, spinach, cabbage, macaroni, currants , parsley, cauliflower, bell pepper). Natural sources of vitamin A are liver, fatty fish, eggs, whole milk, tomatoes, broccoli, carrot, spinach, mango, citrus, pumpkin.