Does your little one have trouble sleeping? Here are the solutions from specialists and mothers

Does your little one have trouble sleeping? Here are the solutions from specialists and mothers

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Babies need our attention at all times, and the first year of life of the little one will be extremely tiring for us parents. Some, more Nazdravani, keep us busy not only all day, but all night.

Many babies are experiencing sleep problems, and this has a negative effect on both themselves and their parents. We present you some sleep problems and the solutions given by specialists and mothers to solve them.

Problem: The baby sleeps during the day and stays up at night

Explanation: In the first months, your little one does not know that the night has to sleep and the day to stay awake, he still respects the rhythm of sleep during pregnancy and sleeps when he wants.

Solution: A first solution to this problem is patience. Over time, your little one will start to learn the habits of others, so you just have to wait for him to adapt. To help the baby differentiate easier and faster at night, when he sleeps during the day, leave the curtains wide open for light to enter the house, and in the evening do not light all the lights in the house, opting for lamps with pale light and he speaks in a whisper, so that the little one understands that now is the time for sleep.

Problem: Restless sleep

Explanation: Babies dream of the night that happened to them during the day, and sometimes because of the astonishment they feel when discovering new things they become agitated or restless. Despite the appearances, the little boy sleeps profoundly, even if you see him doing various grimaces or giving feet and hands.

Solution: In this case, it is more about a disturbance of the natural desire to take the little boy in his arms. Do not wake him, do not swing him or take him in his arms! It will return to sleep very hard and this agitation you observe is an absolutely normal behavior of babies.

Problem: The little boy asks for the bottle at night

Explanation: Babies eat only when they are hungry and do not have a set schedule, even as an adult you have had difficulty stabilizing your daily eating routine when a program change has occurred in your life, so you can imagine that he there is no rule. Of course, here comes the age of the baby, in the first months it is absolutely normal to wake up at night to eat.

Solution: Make a meal program so that the last meal is before bed. Sometimes the little ones wake up during the night and cry, but not necessarily hungry, but if you bring them the bottle they will eat. When he wakes up in the middle of the night, let him cry for a few minutes without giving him the bottle and try to calm him down by talking to him. You may return to sleep soon.

Problem: The baby can only sleep with the parents in the room

Explanation: The little ones are totally dependent on his parents and it is absolutely normal that, if he is used to sleeping with them, he will hardly disobey. For example, if up to a year he slept in a crib next to you, then you move him to his room, it is normal to have difficulty accommodating with the new room.

Solution: You don't have to feel guilty because you want a little privacy and peace of mind. When you are anxious to make this "move" do not give back to the first crying, both specialists and parents say that the little ones are quiet alone if they notice that it does not solve anything by crying.

Problem: The boy sleeping too much

Explanation: Each child is different, has his or her own style, and this also involves his or her own sleep program. The little one needs more rest than an adult because it is growing and developing.

Solution: To parents who fail to complete an entire night, it seems to them that too much sleep of a child is a big problem, but it is absolutely normal to worry if you think your baby is sleeping too much. The children usually sleep at night and have three more during the day, in the morning, at noon and in the late afternoon. If, when you are awake, the baby responds to external stimuli, responds to your gestures and is well developed physically, you need not worry, he simply needs more sleep.

Problem: The little boy can no longer sleep after being moved to a new crib

Explanation: The baby is taught with a certain sleep environment, and after changing his crib does not feel safe because he does not know what to expect. Usually these problems with sleep arise from moving from the basket to the crib with those protective barriers.

Solution: In the first week after being moved to a new crib, stay with him until he falls asleep to make sure everything is in order and this change is absolutely normal. You can even bring the new cot near you for a night or two.

Problem: The baby cries and cries at night, and when you go to calm him down he does not even see you

Explanation: It's about nightmares. Unfortunately, little angels are not bypassed by bad dreams and can react pretty badly to them. When these nightmares, also known as night terrors, scream and crying children, they are agitated and have a little wandering eyes. The little ones can start having nightmares and at 4-5 months, they can last a short time and come back after a few years, or they can be long periods, depending on how you treat the problem.

Solution: Make sure your baby is next to him and that you protect him from anything that might be wrong, take him in his arms and calm him with handles. Leave the doors of your rooms open so he knows you're close. Always pay attention to what the little boy is watching on television, sometimes cartoons can be violent and scary, and pay attention to the games the little boy plays. Of course, it is imperative that he does not attend conflicting scenes or scenes between parents or other family members. Also, a well-organized sleep program could be a good solution for a night as quiet and devoid of bad dreams.

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