The national campaign Pancake Factory continues. Chapter: Preparations for Easter

The national campaign Pancake Factory continues. Chapter: Preparations for Easter

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Anyone passionate about cooking knows that good food is made in quality dishes. The household items from Tefal are perfect for preparing the Easter meal. In addition, their acquisition during this period can bring attractive prizes by participating in the national campaign "Tefal Pancake Factory - productions sprinkled with creativity".

More precisely, until May 8, those who buy any pan, pan or Tefal pot, and sign the voucher and date by SMS or on, can win one of the three daily prizes or the big prize: a kitchen worth of 2,000 euros.

"The Easter holiday is a joy, but the preparations can be exhausting. Preparing the family meal becomes easier and more enjoyable when you have the right utensils. We invite everyone who wants to enjoy a rich meal with their loved ones to discover the Tefal household products and participate in the national campaign Factory of Pancakes, through which they can win interesting and useful prizes to the same extent ”, says Gabriela Velicu, Trade Marketing Manager Groupe SEB Romania.

Excellent taste and cutting-edge technology with the Tefal Pleasure range

The preparation of the table becomes a pleasure when you have the Tefal Pleasure range, which includes the classic pans with dimensions from 24 cm to 32 cm, the special pancake pan, the pan with the lid and the wok pan, all very useful, especially when it comes. about creating a holiday menu, rich and rich.

The Titanium Force coating lasts up to two times longer compared to the Tefal PowerGlide coating. The titanium particles, along with the 3D holographic layer with metal inserts, as well as the very thick top layer ensure high durability and non-stick.

Crepe Party with Tefal Panda

This year, in addition to booze, Easter and chocolate bunnies, the dessert at Easter table is enriched with panda bears. It is of course about the newly launched Panda pancake pan with decorative elements, whose interior graphic design allows the creation of unique pancakes, in the form of a panda bear. The pan can also be used for pancakes with a classic, round shape.

Like all Tefal pans, and the new Panda model features Thermo-Spot® exclusive technology, which indicates when the pan has reached the ideal temperature for cooking, so that the preparations have color, texture and taste, the three key elements that enhance the experience. culinary.