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In Romania is preparing the first transplant with umbilical cord stem cells

In Romania is preparing the first transplant with umbilical cord stem cells

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BIOGENIS stem cell bank is preparing for the first transplant with stem cells stored in the Romanian bank.

For one year, BIOGENIS, the stem cell bank, helps a family find a solution for the healing of one of the children, who is suffering from acute myelomonoblastic leukemia M4.

BIOGENIS harvested stem cells at the birth of the second child of the family to try to treat the sick. The sample collected and stored in Bucharest was analyzed by the Fundeni Clinical Institute, having a compatibility of 90%, which qualifies it for a possible transplant.

In a few days the baby's mother will be born for the third time. The stem cell bank will now also harvest stem cells for use with the first sample for better transplant results. The sick child is now in remission, at an ideal time for a stem cell transplant. This new sample is part of the program "A new chance" by which Biogenis offers free collection, analysis and storage of the sample in order to treat the sick child in the family.

"It is desired to carry out the transplant in Romania, at one of the three transplant centers accredited and specialized in this procedure (Fundeni Clinical Institute, Timisoara, Targu Mures), the stem cell bank being prepared for a transplant in Hungary or Poland. In the group of stem cells of which BIOGENIS is a member, 10 other stem cell transplants have been successfully carried out. Biogenis offers full logistic, informational and financial support, if necessary, for this transplant "- Cristian Lacraru - communications director BIOGENIS, the stem cell bank.

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