Our baby is very agitated!

Our baby is very agitated!

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- My name is Flavia. Our problem is related to the girl of 1 year and 4 months. He was an early child. At 7 months he was already saying mommy, daddy, fit (milk) with intent… at 1 year he had a vocabulary of about 25 words. After he left, he suddenly became very agitated, better said very quickly, which is reflected even in the language. Suddenly, she began to "speak her language" with mimicry, gesture, etc. Only in the morning when she is very rested and a little quieter, she speaks "Romanian": perfectly bound phrase, fluency in speech, 4-6 words per sentence, words "savvy", used correctly. Basically, when she is rested, that is, about 3 hours in the morning and one hour after the lunch break, she speaks, I do not exaggerate, like a 4-5 year old. For example, this morning they are still agitated to do their cravings, that is, to put their hand on the phone, laptop, etc. Exasperated dad gets annoyed "what are you doing, Alexia?" immediately comes the answer "I make claims". When she starts to get tired she is agitated, crying, she can only tie a string of meaningless syllables. He does not sleep enough, 9 hours a day, restless sleep. I tried herbal tea for nothing. The medication responds in reverse. She becomes even more agitated, crying in her sleep. Is this type of behavior normal at 16 months? I know it's a hectic period, up to two years old, but I'm starting to have problems.


If your little girl is exactly as you describe her, she is an early child, at least from the perspective of language development.
I know you are excited to have such a child, but you have to be very careful about the attitude you take towards it. Do not forget for a moment the age of the girl, even if she is an early child.
You already have some relatively high expectations for her evolution and you may overload her many times, excited about her way of reacting. Any child, especially up to the age of 3-4 years, has a lower capacity to mobilize voluntary effort (ability to focus attention).
This ability to concentrate increases with the age of the child and therefore coincides with the development of the nervous system. So any child under the age of three gets tired pretty quickly when he or she has a task to do.
Moreover, between 15 and 18 months the child is particularly unstable, because he is attracted to all the visual field landmarks.
It is in constant motion, because it explores all the accessible spaces with frenzy. The great psychologist A. Gesell considered that in this piece the child is like a kind of "jeep" in full speed change. Also during this period, the number of hours of sleep decreases, and the nervousness of the child increases in confined space, under conditions of stimulatory shortage of the environment, under conditions of dental eruptions or onset of specific illnesses of this period, in which the fragility of health is relatively high .
Therefore, the agitation and fatigue you report is somewhat specific to this stage of child development. But you have to be careful not to overload it. When you notice fatigue, stop any activity of cognitive stimulation. It would be more useful an easy massage - manga type, a relaxing music and a "hypnotic" communication from you.
Use soothing words, with a warm tone to induce sleep or even calm. Do not panic if the first attempt does not calm down. All you have to do is transmit your own voltage state. Consistently apply these few simple techniques and you will see the results.
However, as you, your parents, may be better informed, you may want to consult a neurologist who can determine after consultation what other remedies may be helpful to improve the baby's sleep.
Good luck!
Diana Paula Stoian,
Specialist in Child Psychology

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