How we choose toys for the little ones. Here are some important tips!

How we choose toys for the little ones. Here are some important tips!

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Many times, parents ask thousands of question marks when they arrive in front of a shelf with toys for babies. The main dilemma stems from the fact that we do not know what toy would be suitable for such a small child. Raluca Vasiliu, psychologist for children, explains the details that we must take into account when buying toys.

Many times, our mission to buy toys for children it becomes a real challenge. What fits the child? How should the toy be? Bigger, bigger, smaller? What colors are recommended for little ones? How complicated must it be? There are just a few questions that flood any parent's mind. In an interview for, the children's psychologist Raluca Vasile tries to get rid of some of these dilemmas.

First of all, we find out from her, the toy plays a much more important role for the child than we would have imagined. Besides the fun for now, this one it contributes to its further development. Also, another very important detail, these toys must be in accordance with the age of the child: "When buying toys we must take into account first of all the age of the child and then how much stimulation it can bring. A toy with many functions, interactive, is always more interesting than a static one, bibelou type ", is one of the indications offered by Raluca Vasiliu.

How we choose baby toys

Raluca tells us that a child at such a young age needs toys not very complicated, based more on attractive sounds and colors: "The newborn has an increased need for sensory stimulation, so toys must answer this need. Toys with simple and intensely colored shapes are indicated. If they make sounds, they must be quiet, repetitive. The texture should be pleasant, without rough, it can be easily touched and pleasure. Because it is not allowed to move, toys must be placed in his visual area, so that he can reach them. Although it seems helpless and passive, the child learns many things during this period: he develops his coarse motor skills, his sense of movement, his spirit of observation, his appreciation of distance, his size, which is why he needs to be able to touch, grab, turn, twist and even play with toys. we ensure that they are not too small or sharp. "

After 6 months, things change a bit when we have to choose toys for babies. Between 6 months and 1 year, children begin to grow more and more, so they need other types of toys: "For the first time able to move, children are much more active and more willing to explore the environment. of objects is more vigorous, the child grasping them, twisting them, studying them.

Therefore, the interactive toys, which unfold, have a button, can be turned, twisted, are the most suitable. In this period children are not at all pretentious: any object can become a fascinating toy, ready to be explored with all senses.

Starting at the age of 10 months, the child realizes when a toy is missing and begins to look for it. Also now the first attachment of a toy or object takes place, which the child takes with him everywhere. Given that this toy is like a person for him, it is forbidden to take it, throw it away or replace it with another identical one. If we do this, it is as if we were taking someone's baby to love, "says Raluca Vasiliu.

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