Teach the child how to react to the teasing of colleagues

Teach the child how to react to the teasing of colleagues

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When you have a shy child, there is a risk that the child will be the victim of bullying, verbal aggression or bullying of colleagues. Such treatment can have a serious impact on the child's development, affecting his self-esteem and self-esteem, as well as his self-confidence. You cannot prevent or protect the child from the teasing of colleagues, but you can teach him how to react appropriately and constructively to them!

Teach him to self-control!

Impulse control is not one of the best developed qualities in young children. But it is a good way to prevent them from reacting aggressively to such abuses or to saying things they might feel bad about.

Encourage him to talk to himself in such situations and to say in his mind that what colleagues say does not affect him and that it is not true. Teach him to be more confident in what he thinks and to put less value on the wrongs I tell others!

Tell them to ignore them or leave the room!

Explain to him that the aggressive and violent reactions of his fellow workers are satisfying to them and that is exactly what they are looking for from him. If he does not react in any way and ignores such evils, he discourages them from teasing him once.

Encourage the child to even leave the premises or location, when he notices that those around him are starting to tease him. Leaving the middle of such a scene is always a better option than reacting aggressively and reaching physical violence.

Mischievous colleagues resort to such behaviors to see the bullied child being consumed or reacting to their malicious words. The more the child reacts more often to their wickedness, the more they will continue to attack him.

Teach him to use humor to relax the atmosphere!

When the child is old enough, you can help him use humor as a weapon against the wickedness of others. Nothing annoys those who tease the child more than seeing him relaxed and floating instead of bowing his head down and blushing with shame.

However, humor can be a two-edged sword. It is important to use points that are not aimed at colleagues, but general, possibly regarding the object of aggression. Always teach the child not to make jokes for another person.

Use RPGs. The child will understand better how to use jokes and humor, if you hide some situations like this and practice together the most appropriate reactions. Words are the strongest weapon against these aggressions and help to resolve conflicts peacefully.

It helps the child to understand this and always find the right solutions in this regard. If the child is physically assaulted in kindergarten or school, talk to the head of the institution and, possibly, the parents of the violent children, to resolve the situation.

Has your child ever fallen victim to the misdeeds of others? How did you manage to get him out of this embarrassing and unpleasant situation? Tell us your tips in the comments section below!