Massage of the baby from A to Z

Massage of the baby from A to Z

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Baby massage is pleasant, soothing and a great way to interact with your child.


Choose a time when you and your child are relaxed and calm. The massage is recommended half an hour after the baby has eaten.
Make sure the room temperature is 25 degrees Celsius. Undress it completely, and if the weather is cold or humid it covers areas of the baby's body that are not massaged.
Place the child on a soft surface so that he feels comfortable and safe. Keep some small pillows handy.
It is a good idea to apply a little cream on your hands to be soft and warm.
Massage is usually done from the head to the toes.

You will massage your head, face, shoulders, arms, chest, stomach and feet with soft, soft touches.
While massaging your child look at him tenderly. In this way, you will stimulate all your senses and establish a much more intense visual and tactile communication. Feel free to talk to them and not inhibit you.
Remember that your touches must be tender so do not make mechanical movements. Try to be flexible and not keep a rigid routine.
If your baby wants to change position, leave it. Do not force him to stay in a certain position, you can return to those areas later.


How hard you press:
Close your eyes and press on your eyelids. The pressure you should use is the same as when you press on your eyelids without feeling discomfort.
In small areas use the tip of your fingers. In larger areas it uses the palm. Gently touch the skin of your baby and massage your muscles gently.

Step by step description

Use your fingertips to massage the baby's face.
Touch the forehead, the temples and the base of the skull
Eyebrows and eyelids
The area around the mouth
Ears and surrounding area.

Massage each area of ​​the body

The front of the neck (Remember to massage it easily)
Massage the back of the neck with light movements and lower the shoulders.
Gently lay both hands on his shoulders.
Cuff it from the neck to the shoulders in the direction of the chest.
Shoulders and arms:
Form a ring from your fingers and secure it around the child's arm. Start eating it around the armpit and then go down to the arm. Be very careful when you reach the elbow area because it is very sensitive. At the wrist you can make circular movements.
Remember to be careful when making such moves.
Massage the circular stomach (the area of ​​the genitals is excluded from the massage).
Stomach abdomen moving hands clockwise starting from under ribs.
Handle each leg with one hand, gently pressing on the thighs. Gently bend the legs and knees by gently pressing the body with the thighs.
Heel and foot:
A foot massage is very relaxing. Start by gently pressing each finger, then at the foot and return to your fingers. Sometimes a foot massage can relieve stomach pain. Gently hose all your fingers. Massage heels with circular movements.
Return your child.
It starts with wide, slow movements that include the head, neck, back and feet, always pointing in the same direction.
Massage lightly with your fingertips and circular movements on your shoulders and back. Do not massage the spinal cord, just put your hands on it and give your child the opportunity to feel the warm sensation. You can even make circular movements on the back of your child.
Put your hands on the top of your feet and start eating it as you head towards the foot.
When you reach the foot, start again from above. Finish the massage with soft, slow movements from the head to the toes.
Do not forget:
  • Repeat these exercises when you want to spend some special moments with your baby.
  • Do the exercises when you have time for yourself and your child.
  • Don't lose your patience if the baby doesn't cooperate ... just try again later.
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