Morning makeup in 5 minutes, for busy moms

Morning makeup in 5 minutes, for busy moms

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Makeup is one of the morning rituals for which you never have time. You always leave the last one in your schedule from the beginning of the day and always postpone it the next day, hoping that maybe you will have some more time. Even though many moms have the impression that makeup is a routine that you have to spend hours in a row, the reality is that there are solutions so that this beauty method will not hijack you for more than 5 minutes, daily! Here's how to make up every morning in 3 easy steps, without devoting more than a few minutes to this mandatory procedure in your daily beauty routine!

Face wash

The first thing you need to do when you get to the bathroom in the morning is to wash your face with a cosmetic cleanser. Besides the oils and impurities that the pores of the skin can accumulate overnight, there is also the possibility of remaining traces of bales or mascara, from a previous cleaning.

It is important that before applying the new makeup to the face to be perfectly clean. Choose a cleaning gel adapted to the type of skin you have: oily, dry, mixed.

Hydration and sun protection

The next step in your daily beauty and makeup routine is moisturizing and sun protection. Here comes the day cream you use frequently. It is important to choose one that is perfectly suited to the type of skin you have.

To avoid buying too many products and save time, buy a cream that, besides the nourishing and moisturizing effect of the skin, also has a protective effect against the sun's UV rays. This way, you apply only one product, but you have dual benefits.

The makeup itself

After cleansing the skin and applying the day cream, your skin is ready for makeup. Because you are pressed for time, you will not be able to approach a very complicated makeup style or in many steps.

The simplest type of makeup is the natural, day-to-day makeup, which is made in a few simple steps:

  • applying the foundation, carefully covering the entire surface of the skin (if necessary, you can apply a makeup base before the foundation, so that it "sits" better); in the hot summer season, when the high temperatures make you sweat, it is important to apply a powder coat, to fix the foundation and to prevent the glow effect of the skin, which is quite unsightly);
  • applying a generous and careful layer of mascara (if you give up the shades, it is important that the focus is on the eyelashes and these are well highlighted, with the help of a quality mascara);
  • applying the blush (accentuate your cheeks with a pink blush or bronzed pearls);
  • applying lip gloss (never leave the house without getting a lip balm, regardless of whether it is transparent or slightly tinted; for the day, opt for warm colors - pink, peach, brown, etc.).

Between preparing your child for grades or school and yours for work, preparing breakfast and collecting things around the house, do you still have time to make up? How important do you give to daily makeup? Tell us your opinions in the comments section below!

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