How to raise wonderful children

How to raise wonderful children

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A wonderful child - the long-term goal of any parent. What is it characterized by? Through health, manners, appropriate behavior, humor, intelligence, talent and many other skills and qualities you want from the soul of your child. But this cannot be wonderful by itself. Parents are the means by which children grow beautifully and harmoniously and turn into responsible and happy adults! Here's how!

Allow the child to be a part of your life!

You did not give birth to a child just to feed him, to put him to sleep and the next day and to kindergarten or school or good evening until late when you arrive from work. Your life and the child's life must intersect, so that you interact as much as possible.

Have educational and relaxing moments together!

Open your whole being to your child!

Be sure you see it, hear it and observe it all the time. Never ignore the child! Although we live in a fast-paced world that leaves less and less time for others, the child must always be the priority in your life. Especially when it's around you! Listen to it, understand it, help it, learn it, give it your time and patience!

Spend as many family time!

Set family times as often as possible in your schedule. It helps the child to feel comfortable, loved, appreciated, safe and truly belongs to a family.

Discipline him, but without abuse!

Do not use any kind of abuse (physical or emotional) in trying to get the child to do something. Use punitive methods (only when appropriate) which involves losing certain privileges.

Communicate as much as you can with him, to win his trust!

It opens a line of communication between you and him, in which you can be honest with one another and in which you can trust yourself. Listen to him patiently, help him to overcome difficulties, do not criticize him, do not underestimate him and give him credit whenever the opportunity is offered.

Express your joy to see him how many times you get home!

Whenever you go into his room or you get that somewhere, let him see how much you enjoy seeing him. Say his name as often as you can with confidence and courage. The child needs full affection, so do not deprive him of it!

Limit access to the media!

If you limit the child's time to TV or computer, it does not mean that he will prevent him from learning certain things. It is just a positive way to help him develop his creativity, concentration, attention, imagination and many other abilities that his computer or TV limits.

Be a role model for him!

The 7 years at home are important in the further development of children. But the family and the way she presents herself at every moment in the child's life are extremely important. Behavior, reactions, your life model are all future ways of behaving as a child. This is why parents need to be aware that most of the things the child learns come from the family's health and from their daily life. Children will always do what they see rather than what they are told.

Make room for humor every day!

Raises the child using a modern educational tool: humor! Smiles and gossip should not be missing in any day of your child's life. They are the ones that make them happy, relaxed, comfortable and positive.

Encourage him to cultivate the talents he demonstrates!

Let him experiment and explore more activities until he discovers his true passions. Once you notice that he is gifted with something, encourage him by buying toys and other items that come to support his inclination.

Teach him friendship and encourage him to make friends!

Friendship is an important concept for children. Ever since they were very young children naturally attach themselves to other children. But it does not come naturally, but it is learned. And you play an important role in helping the child make friends.

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