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Sex positions in the last months of pregnancy

Sex positions in the last months of pregnancy

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The intimate relationships with your partner come to complement the fulfillment you live as future parents, easing the strong bond that you have developed together over time. However, not every sex position that comes through your mind is safe in the last few months of pregnancy, even though you might think otherwise. Here are the sexual positions allowed, recommended and forbidden in the last trimester of pregnancy.

Although at the psychological level you would be tempted to reject the idea of ​​making love by thinking about the delicate state you are in, sex during pregnancy brings a couple more benefits than risks.

Safe sex positions in the last trimester of pregnancy

It may not be the most comfortable sex you've enjoyed so far, but the benefits of sexual interaction from the physiological and psychological point of view of a normal pregnant woman are countless.

Hormonal balancing, exercise and "working out" pelvic muscles help you have a lighter birth, a perfect relationship with your future father and a relaxed tone - a big plus for your baby.

Specialists in obstetrics and gynecology ensure that the strong muscles of your uterus protect your baby perfectly, while the amniotic sac creates a "cushion" effect that alleviates any trauma that may come from outside. The thick layer of mucus that covers the cervix functions as a barrier against possible infections.

As for the (powerful!) Orgasms you will feel, the doctors urge you to enjoy them fully, without fear, as they will not cause miscarriage or premature birth if the pregnancy is normal. The baby may move a little because it will exacerbate the sound produced by the accelerated beats of the heart, not because you know what is happening or feel any pain.

"Above the partner"

This 100% safe position in the last months of pregnancy allows you to control the depth of penetration and most movements. You can set the pace yourself, having the mental comfort to be able to stop yourself whenever you want. Hypostasis is recommended for pregnant women from the beginning of pregnancy until the last day.


You can sit quietly on one side enjoying the sensations, while your partner comes from behind, hugging you. In this way, no pressure is created on the abdomen, and the penetration is superficial. The position can be used at any time during pregnancy.

"At the edge of the bed"

Excellency for the last trimester of pregnancy, the position assumes that the partner kneels on the edge of the bed keeping a leg high and resting on a chair, while you are in a comfortable position, with your back or face to it.

"In the hands and knees"

This position is preferred by many pregnant women because the abdomen does not suffer any pressure. Sit in your hands and knees, supporting the belly of the bed surface. The variant is allowed throughout the pregnancy, but not all pregnant women feel comfortable in this situation in the last trimester.

"Face to face"

Another sexual position allowed in the last months of pregnancy is the one where you sit on the side, face to face with your partner and place a foot over his torso so as to make room for penetration. The downside is that it can become tiring after a while and requires a more flexible physical constitution.

All the above positions also allow manual stimulation of the clitoris from both partners and also favors multiple orgasms, the experience to which pregnancy predisposes you.

Sex positions forbidden in the last months of pregnancy

Forbidden sex positions are usually valid after the fourth month of pregnancy (16 weeks).

Any variant that involves stretching your back and placing your partner above should be avoided, because the uterus will not be well irrigated with blood, the baby will not oxygenate properly, and the pressure on the abdomen will be at least uncomfortable.

The position of the missionary (the man above) and other hypostases that involve a very deep penetration are unpleasant and present a relative degree of risk.

When you are trying to think of a proper position to make love during pregnancy, try it, and if it doesn't work for you, stop.

Creativity can be a lot of fun during the nine miraculous months and it will help keep your "skill" for the happy re-start of your sex life after birth.

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