Discovery School, your child in a new educational age

Discovery School, your child in a new educational age

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The Discovery School is an educational project recently launched in Romania and aims to integrate children in a new scientific educational age, bringing new audio-visual and new media resources into the learning process. The purpose of the project is to make class hours more appealing to children, but especially to help children better understand essential scientific phenomena in mathematics, chemistry, biology, physics, and other realistic subjects that often give them beats. head.

Discovery School, new opportunities for knowledge and learning

The project, realized through the collaboration between the television network Discovery Networks and the Ministry of Education, will be implemented in schools starting January 16, 2012 and is optional. Schools are not obliged to adopt this educational program in their curriculum, but it is considered to be an important opportunity for any institution that wants to keep up with modern advances in terms of diversifying teaching methods, but also with current needs and interests. of students.
The aim of the project is to broaden the horizon of the means of learning by bringing new educational resources for both children and teachers. They do not come to replace the traditional means, but only to complement them, in order to achieve the proposed goal faster.
By combining traditional resources with the latest generation (new-media), children more easily understand very complicated subjects, become more interested, manage to do their homework easier and have good results in school.

The Discovery school program

The program involves running some videos with a scientific and educational character during class hours. Children have the chance to learn by watching TV!
Such videos will be broadcast starting at 2:00 pm every day, from Monday to Friday. Each day of the week will have subjects from different areas: mathematics, chemistry, physics, biology and other sciences.
The programs are resumed the next day, starting at 8:00, to give the chance to attend those who can not attend from 14:00 on some days. Also, for the curious, the rehearsals are scheduled on weekends, Saturdays and Sundays, starting at 08:00.
The videos can be watched at school or at home, depending on the way each school is organized. They are duplicated in Romanian and a special announcement before the start of the program, which transmits that it is an educational program. The beginning of each show will be marked with the "Discovery Lesson" sign.
All schools have access to this innovative educational program in Romania, because it is free. The initiative does not involve any costs, neither from the school, nor from the students, and is aimed at developing and adapting the traditional means of learning to the advances that technology makes and to the western means of teaching, essential in attracting the students of the new generation to do so. of materials.

Discovery School, teacher education

Not only the students benefit from this initiative. And teachers are given an important chance to deepen and complete their pedagogical knowledge and teaching methods with modern educational resources.
There are online teaching materials, accessed on the school's website,, which come to the aid of the teachers, giving them a precise informational guide, to help them conduct these lessons as best as possible.
The guide includes a series of guidelines and explanations of each lesson (episode) in part on each episode, while also suggesting sets of questions, proposals for activities and definitions of new terms encountered. In this way, children better understand and deepen the information received through video content.
Between January 16 and March 30, over 55 episodes of educational character will be broadcast, and will be discontinued during the holidays.
The Discovery School has proven to be a real success in America, attracting over one million teachers and 35 million students to date. The main role of the project is to arouse and stimulate the natural curiosity of the children.

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